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Why My 7 Tips for maintaining healthy Women should know Is Better Than Yours ? Women’s health tips are very valuable. Because if there is pain then all activities cannot be carried out in accordance with the wish. Because the body and the body will be also feels weak and often ill easily.For women should maintain the health of the body, because at the age above 40 estrogen hormone has not been produced. The following tips on keeping women’s health that must be known:


1. Food

A woman should know for certain how much of the food that needs to be consumed. In addition, the best type of food for the body. So that the body can withstand the fierce presence of bacteria and also the virus outside the body.

2. Though gara

Do exercise to maintain body health. This function is to train kardiovaskukar and also the muscles of the body. Do at least 20-30 minutes a day.

3. don’t stress

Stress usually can cause blood flow is not smooth. That usually lead to strokes and heart pain too. To avoid stress can do respiratory gymnastics or yoga, can also do meditation.

4. avoid cigarette smoke

One that can interfere with health is cigarette smoke. Suck smoking can cause the onset of disorders of the lungs and heart, too. Usually for smokers may experience lung disease in old age when budah.

5. Bed early in the evening

Staying up will create extra work for the body. It also could make the vital organs in the body can not break. Quick sleep at night and wake up in the morning will be very good for the health.

6. Routine check to the doctor

One way to preserve the health of a woman’s body is doing a check to the doctor. Medical is one alternative that is indeed very important to know the condition of the body.

7. avoid sunlight

If often do activities outside the home and are often exposed to the Sun can lead to skin cancer.

That’s some tips of keeping healthy life patterns for females. Hopefully what presented above can be beneficial for women on.